Excel Transcriptions has revolutionized my work as a physician expert witness for five years now. My IME reports are 20-50 pages and are filled with medical terminology of all specialties. Excel’s accuracy is nothing less than astonishing. The turnaround time is lightning fast and the rates are very reasonable…..

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Professional Transcription Services at Affordable Cost
Excel Transcriptions started off as a professional medical transcription services provider in the United States in the year 2001.Having understood the significance and growing need of professional transcription services – be it specialized or general transcription, we have come a long way, not only as a provider of medical transcription services but also in general transcription services. We ensure that we meet all the specialized and general transcription needs of all our clients spread across the globe. We offer medical transcription with EMR integration which helps physicians to document patient encounters in a more efficient and effective manner.Integrating transcription with EMR is a specialized service we offer for medical professionals who look for such an option because it helps them save on their time and resources by making the process of transcribing streamlined without compromising on the quality of transcriptions. Our specialized and general transcription experts are skilled and equipped to offer high quality transcription services even with highly customized formatting requirements. Our general transcription process is further enhanced by incorporating the latest technological advances and transcription mechanisms in our transcription process.

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Medical Transcriptions

Hundreds of doctors spread across United States trust only Excel Transcriptions. The reasons are:
Convenience – Just pick up the phone, dial our toll-free number and dictate anytime, anywhere.

Consistent Quality – Our team of experienced Medical Transcriptionists and Quality Analysts deliver accurate transcriptions
consistently – over 98%.

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