What makes Excel Transcriptions the most reliable Transcriptions Solutions Provider available?

Some would say it’s the 10 years of experience we have. Others would say it’s the 1,200 medical professionals we’ve served with a 99.3% accuracy rate on over 5 million documents. Still more would say it’s the very short turnaround time of 18 hours that we provide per document. We’ve personally heard happy clients say that we provide tremendous value for money by providing large volumes of transcribed documents at very reasonable rates. We believe that our passionate attention to customer service is the secret ingredient to our success. For instance, whenever you send an email, you can expect a reply within half a working day, usually sooner. This unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction since our incorporation in 2003 has given us insights into the deepest dynamics of the transcription industry. We understand rush jobs and the need for accuracy in both regular transcription jobs as well as highly customized documents. This is why we insist on hiring only those with a college education so that a lot of thought is put into the work while remaining focused on quality and speed. Our transcriptionists, quality analysts and project managers have a cumulative experience of 200 man years in the entire spectrum of transcription industry including medical transcription, legal, academic, conference transcription, interview, thesis, journal, dissertation, investigation report, seminar, research report and so on.


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Quick Facts

  • 4.5 million documents transcribed
  • 1,200 satisfied doctors and clinics
  • 99.3% accuracy rate
  • 200 man years of experience
  • 10 years of attention to quality