Steps for Audio Upload for Transcription

Here is how you can ensure that dictations are of good quality

For best results, we recommend as below:

  1. Please choose an appropriate digital voice recorder. (For assistance on selecting one, please email us)
  2. Maintain a distance of 2-3 inches from the microphone. Speaking too close will lead to a muffled voice while dictating from too far off will lead to words being inaudible.
  3. If you are outside or in a place where there is background noise, please increase the volume of your voice to ensure that the recording is clear.
  4. In case of unexpected disturbances please repeat your statement. It is best to record in a room with closed doors and windows to avoid any backdrop noises.
  5. In case of multiple speakers, it is a good idea to ask the speakers to identify themselves before they speak. It helps in correct speaker identification during transcriptions.
  6. Recording dictations on a higher quality leads to a better clarity which is a good thing.

Before uploading dictations, please indicate preferences for below:

  1. Turn-Around-Time: If due to any constraints, we feel that we will not be able to complete the work in the time-frame selected by you, we will inform you before we start the work and select an alternative reasonable deadline.
  2. Format for Submission: We deliver files in MS-Word format. If you require files in an alternative format, do let us know.
  3. Any Special Instructions: The instructions are as important as the dictation itself as it helps us deliver transcriptions in the right format at the right time.