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Conferences can often be chaotic events, with a multitude of voices and speakers vying for attention, each with a crucial point that needs to be heard. Thus, an integral part of any conference transcription is precision and an accurate understanding of the conversation. Nothing is more important than a transcribed document that is structured flawlessly and that helps to differentiate speakers clearly. Understanding that specificity and urgency are the cornerstones of our client’s requirements, Excel Transcriptions offers one of the most efficient conference transcription services in USA. With over a decade spent in providing excellence, our dedicated team of professional transcriptionists ensure that you receive accurate and timely results. With an expansive portfolio that includes a number of transcribing formats, we are well equipped to deliver quality within a fixed timeframe. We offer:

An Uncompromised Commitment to Precision:

Our services are known for delivering 98% accurate transcription services. Through our conference transcription services, we specialize in creating succinct versions of multiple-participant conversations for improved comprehension. We also eliminate unnecessary details like hesitation marks, if required. We can also remove redundant phrases or words, if required, so that you will receive a well-structured and concise output.

Customized Transcriptions Assured:

Most conference transcriptions necessitate a certain format or layout be followed, based on its primary usage. That’s why our transcriptionists adhere strictly to any documentation requirements you may have, in terms of layout, terminology and structure. This kind of “You First” approach has strengthened Excel Transcription’s brand recall among our customers.

Diversified Professional Expertise:

With years of experience accumulated in this field, our experts have transcribed group interactions and events of various natures. Therefore, whether it is a business conference call or a board room meeting, you can depend on Excel Transcriptions to get the job done flawlessly. Our conference transcription services in USA are commonly used for:

  • Online and offline conferences
  • Online and offline workshops
  • Round table discussions
  • Presentations with Q&A sessions.
  • Business meetings
  • Conference calls

Simple and Efficient System:

You can pick up the phone and dictate from anywhere. After being allocated a PIN number, you can upload a digital audio file on our website through your account. Every digital audio file option will be accepted. While we, by default, offer transcribed documents in MS word file format, any kind of output file can be made available. You can also receive the transcribed document in the turnaround time of your choice. Our entire system is designed to minimise your efforts and ensure that you have multiple options available.

Devotion to Excellence:

Be it security, quality analysis or customer support, Excel transcriptions stands by its promise of superior quality and consistency. That’s why we use 128 -bit encryption algorithm for transmitting all your files. We also implement a multiple-level quality check system for every transcription. At any stage of the project, we are just one phone call away from providing any kind of assistance needed.

You need not wonder if Excel Transcriptions is the right fit for you. You can take our Free Trial now and avail our services to know more. For any further questions, please feel free to contact us right away.