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1. What is the Turn-Around-Time offered by Excel Transcriptions?

The Turn-Around-Time will depend upon the type of transcription you require. Please click here for details.

2. What are the audio formats supported by you?

We support audio files in all digital formats. We also transcribe analog files like files on microcassettes, cassettes, etc. If you have such a requirement, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you with the same.

3. What do you charge for your transcriptions and on what basis?

We charge on a per line basis for Medical Transcriptions and on a per minute basis for other types of transcriptions. The pricing depends on the number of speakers and the turn-around-time required. Please go to Get a Quote page for details.

4. Why use Online Transcription Services?

You can send files to us by logging in to our website or by dictating on our toll-free phone.

5. What is your billing system?

We bill you monthly. Payment becomes due on presentation on the invoice. New clients may be asked to pay a first-time deposit of 50%

6. How are the transcripts delivered to me?

The transcripts will be delivered to you in a Microsoft Word file with the details for the day’s work in a separate log file, having notes, if any. If you require transcripts in another format, we can do that too.