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Professional Transcription Services USA

With a user-friendly interface in place for our clients, our professional transcription services ensure that you get exactly what your practice requires. At Excel Transcriptions, we ensure that your records are given the right priority and attention to detail. Our customized services ensure that management of medical records is simple and efficient.

Below is how we (you and us) ensure that transcriptions are timely and accurate:

Step 1: Send your Dictations

Just dial into our secured phone line and dictate from anywhere using the PIN allotted to you. You also have the option of recording dictations on digital voice recorder and upload the audio on our website using your login ID. Any special instructions should be sent in the message box for website uploads. They can also be emailed separately from the option available on our website.

Step 2: Dictation Queue

After the dictations are received, the work is queued according to the priority assigned by you. Depending on the type of transcription, the dictation is allotted to one of our transcriptionist who then types the dictation on a pre-approved template. Our professional transcription services ensure that all special instructions are adhered to in order to ensure that you get the best quality transcriptions.

Step 3: Quality Check

Once the dictation has been transcribed, our Quality Analysts and Editors recheck the entire document with the original dictation for blanks, flags, sentence construction, grammar and formatting to ensure that the integrity of the transcription is intact. In places where the audio skips or there are background noises due to which the dictation is inaudible, the same is flagged for your attention.

Step 4: Final Screening

After the transcription is approved by our Quality Check team, the entire batch of dictations are rechecked visually for formatting and notifying you of any missing or blank dictations. The same is mentioned in the daily log sent to you. The line count for each dictation and for the day is mentioned in the daily log. We therefore request you to check the daily log along with the day’s transcriptions.

Step 5: Download Transcriptions

After the final screening, the transcriptions are uploaded to your account via our secured website. The same can be downloaded at your end using the login details given to you. You are requested to review the same. In an unlikely case of the transcription not being up to the mark, do send us an email about the same.

Our professional transcription services are designed to make things simpler for you so you can focus on your work rather than worrying about the dictations. We hope you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with you. If there is anything you feel we can do to make things simpler for you, please feel free to drop us an email or call and talk to us.