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What we can hear, we can transcribe. If you do not find the transcription you are looking for in our list, don’t worry. Upload the audio file with the relevant information. We will transcribe the file within your specified Turn-Around-Time. We guarantee a 98% accuracy and inexpensive pricing.

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Nothing can be more urgent and sensitive than the documentation and electronic health records of medical treatment and history; after all a life depends on it. Therefore the need for accuracy and speed is of paramount importance for medical practitioners. For a smooth treatment, the diagnosis of each patient must be delivered timely and meticulously. Here’s where our services pitch in. As a devoted service provider, we have been backing the doctors and hospitals for more than a decade now. Today we are trusted as the best medical transcription service in the United States by the USA medical fraternity.

What makes us their ideal choice?

A Hassle-Free Service

Our round-the-clock services can also be availed via our secured phone dictation line. To provide details for documentation is then as easy as ABC. Just pick up the phone and start dictating anytime, anywhere. We also transcribe on EMR and EHR, helping doctors to focus on their patients, rather than on new technical challenges.

Trusted Standards of Quality

As one of the top-notch medical transcription companies in the USA, we boast a track record that reflects over 98% accuracy. Our team of experienced medical transcriptionists and quality analysts ensure that you receive the most accurate medical transcriptions possible.

Fast, Astute & Versatile

The nature of a medical case can change in a heartbeat, and so can we. With a quick turnaround process, we ensure that you have the most precise transcriptions with you, within a day or less.

Competitive Pricing

Adhering to the strictest guidelines for quality, we balance our approach with a strong sense of morality. Our pricing plans are both honest and affordable, ensuring that you have that much-needed ally while tackling your electronic health records.

Confidentiality & Security

Excel Transcriptions is a 100% HIPAA Compliant medical transcription service company from the USA that uses a 128-bit encryption algorithm for the transmission of all of your files. Additionally, we also sign a binding confidentiality agreement with all our employees and ensure that access to our files is restricted by authorization. We take the respect and trust shared between a doctor and his patients utmost seriously. Thus, your work is focused, hassle-free and never compromised at any part of the process.

Operationally Compliant

Our online medical transcription service makes use of the existing EMR of the healthcare facilities. We commence work only after signing a business associate agreement with a clinic or a hospital. Our medical transcriptionists then directly transcribe into the EMR as per the prerequisites of HIPAA.

With thousands of minutes clocked in and hundreds of satisfied clients, you can be sure of the best when you work with us. For a simple, reliable, secure and honest transcription service, get in touch with us today. Register Here.

Professional Transcription Services Provider:

Our popular transcription services include:

Medical Transcriptions:

As a 100% HIPAA-complaint medical transcription service, our trained and experienced medical transcriptionists provide accurate results in the turnaround time required by you. Understanding the sensitive nature of such documentation, we ensure your privacy through a secure online file transmission system.

Business Transcriptions:

We transcribe board meeting minutes, interviews, marketing and research reports and much more. The documentation is done keeping your specifications intact so your business can focus on other important aspects. We offer accurate business transcriptions exactly as and when required by you.

Conference Transcriptions:

Our transcriptionists come with the technical expertise to transcribe multi-speaker conferences based on voice modulation. You are assured of a precise and crisp output where unnecessary details and external noises are filtered. The transcription is delivered to you in the format, budget and turn-around-time that you are looking for.