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Every service in most professional fields, be in medicine, law or academics, require accurate documentation of all important meetings and official conversations. In time-bound professions such as these, though, the need for outsourcing the same is often necessary. At Excel Transcriptions, our services focus on three key factors: Convenience, Accuracy and Affordability. Understanding the importance you associate to your profession and work, we implement a measurable action plan that offers:

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As a professional transcription service in USA in the field since 2001, we ensure both accuracy as well as punctual delivery, every time. Our clients can call on our toll-free number and dictate the document, after entering the PIN allotted, to begin the transcription process. You can also record and upload an audio file in the format of your choice. The transcription is then sent to you in the format that you choose. Since we prioritize keeping your requirements in mind, our team of transcriptionists will package your documents in the form that is most convenient for you.


We offer generalized and specialized transcription services with over 98% accuracy every time. Our skilled and experienced transcriptionists listen closely to the audio files to produce high quality transcriptions. On every step from dictation to delivery, you have options to choose from what will best suit your requirements. Once the transcription is completed, each document undergoes multiple quality checks to ensure a near flawless delivery.




You can expect transparent and affordable pricing from Excel Transcriptions. We provide a customized quote for your projects, based on the type of service, volumes and expected turnaround time. The billing can be on the basis of lines, minutes, pages or reports. Our transparent, flexible and honest pricing ensures that you get the work done in a cost effective manner without compromising on quality.

Professional Transcription Services Provider:

Our popular transcription services include:

Medical Transcriptions:

As a 100% HIPAA-complaint medical transcription service, our trained and experienced medical transcriptionists provide accurate results in the turnaround time required by you. Understanding the sensitive nature of such documentation, we ensure your privacy through a secure online file transmission system.

Business Transcriptions:

We transcribe board meeting minutes, interviews, marketing and research reports and much more. The documentation is done keeping your specifications intact so your business can focus on other important aspects. We offer accurate business transcriptions exactly as and when required by you.

Conference Transcriptions:

Our transcriptionists come with the technical expertise to transcribe multi-speaker conferences based on voice modulation. You are assured of a precise and crisp output where unnecessary details and external noises are filtered. The transcription is delivered to you in the format, budget and turn-around-time that you are looking for.

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