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With the implementation of the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act of 2009, many doctors are now spending a significant portion of their time doing data entry work. Juggling between diagnosis and data feeding, a recent study found that, “physicians with EMRs in their exam rooms spend one-third of their time looking at computer screens, compared with physicians who use paper charts who only spent about 9% of their time looking at them.”

Medical Services Excel Transcriptions

This disproportion of resources often results directly in loss of productivity and the physician-patient experience being affected. Offsetting the need for such an outcome, our services ensure that you don’t need to fret about the paperwork. As one of the leading transcription companies in USA, Excel Transcriptions brings over a decade of experience to ensure on-time, reliable and accurate services. Our EMR Transcriptions and EHR Transcriptions help doctors focus on their patients instead of the demands that new technology brings.

Medical Services Excel Transcriptions

As a stalwart in the transcription company arena, we understand where the main focus lies and work closely with the medical fraternity to help them do what they do best – Provide Quality Patient Care. We have offered time savings of up to 11 minutes per patient record by reducing the amount of clerical work that doctors are forced to do routinely. Assuming at least 10 patients a day, that would be around 110 minutes daily! In short, you’re looking at saving over 9 hours of work per week at the very least!

With competitive transcription rates, we promise a turnaround time of less than 24 hours. All dictations are confidential and 100 % HIPAA Compliant. With an accuracy score card of over 98.5%, we offer a team of highly trained transcriptionists who are monitored on a daily basis. Each transcript goes through multiple levels of re-checking to ensure that there is an appropriate and extensive use of the proper lexicons, references and directories that have been extensively built over the last several years.

With transparency and proficiency being our key words, we offer both general transcription services as well as specialized transcription services dealing with academics, business transcription services, medical transcription services and other professional areas in need of a transcription company. In addition, our transcription prices are reasonable and flexible to ensure that you get the best deal for your projects. As a company that believes firmly in the work we do, Excel Transcriptions is here to help you manage your back office work more efficiently.